Antonio M. Caballer

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Antonio Martinez Caballer was born in the city of Valencia, Spain in 1955.  At the age of six he moved with his family to Godella, his mother's home town, in the province of Valencia.

In 1965 at the age of 10 Antonio began his first artistic impressions and two years later he started to learn fan painting with the well known fan painter Francisco Zamorano.  Shortly after this he became interested in fine arts. At age 16 Antonio began attending Fine Arts courses at the Academy of Art in Valencia and the School of Fine Arts, also in Valencia, in drawing and painting. Group exhibitions followed - in Spain and in Paris, France. In 1980 at the age of 25 Antonio set up his first professional studio in Godella and began painting for several galleries and also working on murals and stage design for theatre and musical events.  At age 30 Antonio was selected by the Spanish government to come to Canada to undertake an art tour around the country. His works are in collections in Spain, Mexico, Germany, Holland, France, Sweden, the United States and Canada.

Art doesn’t represent life, its part of life. Art is love and beauty, sleeping in the soul waiting to perform.  
-Tony M. Caballer

Antonio Rosas

Vase with Roses,Acrylic on Canvas Size 30"x40" Price 2100.00

Antonio Urban 1
Antonio Urban 6

Urban#1 Mixed media on panel 8"X10" price$300.00

Urban#6 Mixed media on panel size 8"X10" price $300.00

Antonio Urban3

City Form#3 Mixed media on panel gold leaf finished ,Size 20"x 24" Price $ 900.00

Antonio Rested Torso

Rested Torso,Acrylic on Canvas size 36"x54" Price 3100.00

Antonio the Model

De Model, Original Acrylic Painting on canvas size 40"x40" Price $ 2900.00

Antonio The Chair Antonio Melancholy
The Chair,Acrylic on Canvas Size 24" x36" Price 1300.00
  Melancholy,Acrylic on Canvas Size 36"x48" Price 2900.00

Antonio Open form fields Antonia Caballer 2
Open Forms on Fields # 8 Oil on Canva size 36"x36" Price $2300,00 Abstraction  Form #1 Oil on Canvas Size 30"x30" Price 1600.00