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Tribute Bay B.C. Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas Size 35x56 year 2017 price 5500.00

Sopeña Original Acrylic painting on canvas 2017 size 20"20" Price $850.00

Sopeña Original Acrylic painting on canvas 2017 size 20"20" Price $850.00

Sopeña Original Acrylic painting on canvas 2017 size 20"20" Price $850.00

Whitsler Mountain Backcountry 16"x25 1/2" price $700.00

San Giovonni in Flore.Calabria 12x12San Giovonni in Flore.Calabria, Custom Framed size 21"x22"price $995.00

Siwash Rock,Stanley Park,Original Acrylic Painting,Custom Framed Size 20"x20"price $950.00

Light House Park,W.Vancouver ,Original Acrylic Painting custom framed size 13"x25" Price $950.00

Original Acrylic Painting Tuscany Farm,year 2015, Custom framed size 34"x44" price $4000.00

Original Acrylic Painting,Title Costa del Sol, year 2014,Custom framed size 45"x50" Price $4500.00

Original Acrylic Painting,Costa Brava 2013 custom framed size size 32"x56" price $3900.00

Original Acrylic Painting October Afternoon,Custom framed size 36"x44" (Tarde de Octubre) year 2013 Price $4000.00

Tres Caminos,Original Acrylic Painting 2012 size 48"x60"

Santorini,Original Acrylic Painting size Custom framed size 34"x44 year 2012,Price $3900.00

Original Acrylic Painting ,Title Caserio Costero size 20"x 24" Custom Framed  Price $1500.00

Original Acrylic Painting ,Title Caserio Costero size 20"x 24" Custom Framed  Price $1500.00

Howesound 30 x 85.jpg
Acrylic Painting Howesound B.C. size 30" X 85"price $6990.00

El-Viñedo-del Condado 25x33.jpg
El Vinedo del Condado Original Acrylic Painting Size 25" X 33" year 2012,Custom Framed  Price $3900.00

Rocky Mountain Lake 16 x 20 a.jpg
Rocky Mountain Lake-Original oil painting on canvas size 16 x 20 year 2012,custom framed Price $ 1500.00

Howesound sunset,Original oil painting,Image size 15x19

Cadaques 48x62.jpg
Sopena,Cadaques.original acrylic painting 48" X 62"year 2012,Price $ 7000.00

Cicilian Coast 46 x 61.jpg
Catania Sicilian Coast, Mountain Etna.Original Acrylic Painting Sise 46" X 61" Year 2011,Price 7000.00

Buitrago de Lozoya22x28.jpg
Original acrylic painting,Tierra de Lozoya,image size 22" x 28",Custom Framed Price $ 2500.00

Reggio Calabria 37 x 59.jpg
Original Acryl;ic Painting 2011,Reggio Calabria,size 34 1/4 "x 59",Price 6000.00

Okanagan Valley 46 x 61.jpg
Original Acrylic Painitng,Okanagan Valley size 46" X 61",Price 7000.00

Strawberry Fields 45 x 60.jpg
Strawberry Fields Size 45" X 60     SOLD

La Posada del Lago 36X36.jpg
La Posada del Lago,Acrylic Painting size  36" X 36"   SOLD

Felucas in the Nilo 26x34.jpg
Feluccas in the Nilo III original acrylic painting image size 26 x 34,Price $3500.00

Howe Sound Sail 11 X 25.jpg
Howe Sound Sail Original Acrylic painting size 11" X 25" Custom Framing ,Price $ 1400.00

    Capilano Golf and Country Club 24x48.jpg thumb
SOLD Torremolinos,Acrylic painting size 16"x20"

Luis Sopena 4              Luis Sopena 6
SOLD                                    SOLD


Tofino Coast 9X11.5.jpg

             Tierra de Cava 24x20.jpg

Tofino Coast 9x11,5  Sold     Tierra de Cava 20x30


Tierra Castellana.jpg

                La Huerta del Valle 30x40.jpg
Tierra Castellana 30x40,acrylic  SOLD

Sailboat Sunset 30X85.jpg

           Beautiful BC."Sailboat Sunset" 30X85,original acrylic painting on canvas   Sold    Available in Giclee reproduction

Ribera del Duero 24x30.jpg               El Cortijo Winwyard 46x60.jpg
       Ribera del Duero ,Acrylic Painting 24x30 SOLD    

El Cortijo Winwyard 46x60  SOLD


Geraneos still life.jpg

Distant village.22x27.jpg

               Geraneos still life size 12" X 16"                          Distant Vilage 22"X27"    SOLD

              West Coast Vancouver Island 30X40.jpg                                                                                                             
                                                                 West Coast Vancouver Island 30X40    

Down the Glacier.jpg

                        Down the Glacier Size 40" X 52" 


La posada del pantano 18x27.jpg              

                STolen painting from the Pendulum Gallery,Vancouver



        Sun Down 8 X 10.JPG
          Pueblo de Segovia 12" X 12"   Sold




Solo framed 16x16.jpg                                   

      Salamanca-Golf-Club-34-X-6 0sm.jpg


 Acrylic- title "solo" size 12" X 12"   SOLD           Salamanca-Golf and Country Club-34-X-60   SOLD

Sold 1.jpg                           
Sold 2.jpg

sold 3.jpg                      
Sold Armony the Village.jpg

Queen Charlotte Island Sun Set 24X30.jpg


Queen Charlotte Island 24"x 30 oil 1980th 

                                                                                                Pueblo con  Castillo 39" X 40" Oil Painting


Titanic334X39 $3000.jpg
Titanic,Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas size 34x39    (100 years Universary)

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