Contemporary Abstract Art
(LESP Arts Ltd. Copyrights)


Original Acrylis Painting with elevation and gold leaf,size 36x49

Original Acrylic Dimensional Painting size 34" x 48" Tile Exploration


Enfinity to music,original acrylic painting mix media with elevation size 36"x48"

Deep Transformation,acrylic painting Size 40"x60"with elevation and gold leaf


"Connections,original monotype size 30"x 40" SOLD

"For Ever More" original oil painting,size 22"x28"

The Art Jurnal,acrylick painting size 48"x62"

Rhapsody in Blue.acrylic dimentional painting size 43"60"

La Mujer y la Luna,Acrylic dementional painting size 26"x32"

Integration,original oil painting mix media with elevation size 22"x28

Open way to distance ,dimentional oil painting size 24"x28"

The Preyer,dimentional acrylic painting ,with gold leaf size 30" x39"

Irenian woman with cat,oil painting on canvas size 36"x38" SOLD

La mujer the Nadie,mix media acrylic painting size 36"x48"

Los observadores del Franquismo,original oil painting

Hombre loco,original oil painitng 12"X16"
rencarnation of Salvador Dali size 20"x24"

La Mariposa,Origianal acrylic painting on canvas with gold liaf,size 30.5"x 85"


The Beginning,original acrylic painting with elevation and gold leaf Size 30" x 40"

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