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Passage Flores Island Diptych Size 24"x48  Passage Flores Island ll size 24"x48

Emerald Lake Original Acrylic Painting 2018 Size 48x60 Price $6900,00

Autumn in the Park, Original Acrylic Painting Size 25"x33" Price $3200.00


Tierra de Vinas (Vintage Land}Acrylic Painting 34"X42" the Year 2020 Price $4500.00
Una Tarde in Ibernaus Acrylic Painting 22x28 the year 2019



Tribute Bay B.C. Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas Size 35x56 year 2017 price $5500.00

Mix media Acrylic painting 36x60

Sopeña Original Acrylic painting on canvas 2017 size 20"x 20" Price $850.00

Sopeña Original Acrylic painting on canvas 2017 size 20"x20" Price $850.00

San Giovonni in Flore.Calabria 12x12  San Giovonni in Flore.Calabria, Custom Framed size 21"x22"price $995.00

Siwash Rock,Stanley Park,Original Acrylic Painting,Custom Framed Size 20"x20"price $950.00

Light House Park, W.Vancouver, Original Acrylic Painting custom framed size 13"x25" Price $950.00

Original Acrylic Painting Tuscany Winery Land, the year 2015, Custom framed size 34"x44" price $4000.00


Original Acrylic Painting, Title Costa del Sol, the year 2014, Custom framed size 45"x50" Price $4500.00

Original Acrylic Painting, Costa Brava 2013 custom framed size 32"x56" price $3900.00

Original Acrylic Painting -Atardecer en Octobre, Custom framed size 36"x44" (Sundown in October) year 2013 Price $4000.00


Santorini, Original Acrylic Painting size Custom framed size 34"x44 the year 2012, Price $3900.00


Original Acrylic Painting, Title Caserio Costero size 20"x 24" Custom Framed  Price $1500.00

Acrylic Painting Howesound B.C. size 30" X 85"price $6990.00

El Vinedo del Condado Original Acrylic Painting Size 25" X 33" the year 2012, Custom Framed  Price $3900.00

Rocky Mountain Lake-Original oil painting on canvas size 16 x 20 the year 2012, custom framed Price $ 1500.00

Howesound sunset-Original oil painting, Image size 15x19

Sopena,Cadaques.original acrylic painting 48" X 62"year 2012,Price $ 6900.00

Catania Sicilian Coast, Mountain Etna.Original Acrylic Painting Size 46" X 61" the Year 2011, Price 6900.00

Original acrylic painting,Tierra de Lozoya,image size 22" x 28",Custom Framed Price $ 2500.00

Original Acryl;ic Painting 2011,Reggio Calabria,size 34 1/4 "x 59",Price 5900.00

Original Acrylic Painitng,Okanagan Valley size 46" X 61",Price 6900.00

La Posada del Lago, Acrylic Painting size  36" X 36"   SOLD

Feluccas in the Nilo III original acrylic painting image size 26 x 34, Price $3500.00

Howe Sound Sail Original Acrylic painting size 11" X 25" Custom Framing, Price $ 1400.00

Capilano Golf And Country Club - SOLD

Original Acrylic Painting-Tierra de Cava size 20" x 24"

Tierra Castellana 24x36 Price $3000.00


Sailboat Sunset 30X85 SOLD

West Coast Vancouver Island 30X40.jpg

West Coast Vancouver Island 30X40


Down the Glacier, Acrylic painting Size 40" x 52" the year 2003


Geraniums still life 

La posada del pantano 18x27.jpg

La posada del pantano 18x27 SOLD

Titanic334X39 $3000

Titanic 34X39 $3000

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